What The Internet World Would Be Like Without Search Engines?

Submitted by: RyzeUp Internet Marketing

The online world is like a huge hay stack and the information you seek is the needle, and the Search Engine is the magnet that makes the hunt possible!

Following the key phrase search you can find details for just about anything. The advantages of search engines are many not just to find information and facts about others but also for the information to find you!

Online marketing methods like SEO and SEM deliver information on products you want and for products you don t even know exist.

Now as we realize how lucky we are, let s think what the internet would be without Search Engines –

Firstly, checking data would be a pain. You would not have the comfort of just entering a few words in the search bar and get best matching result by just a click.


SEO?? What s that?? Would be your answer. As there would be no machine to search results there would be no need to optimize the content from the perspective of a search engine.

Many small based businesses would still cherish the wish of being a brand as through traditional marketing publicity is a very costly affair!

And just how would you come to know of services/ products that are available to meet your needs!

We would be completely dependent on the traditional marketing style for publicity.

But man is the most adaptable creature. A few ways in which we could still try to make our life easy could be:

– Maybe advertising and marketing could be done through emails. You could send emails to the users of a famous website describing your services and offers. The ones interested would visit your site where you could woo them with other offers. As the cost effective option of SEO is out of the question, this could be an effective way to increase sales, a tedious thing to do as you would have to collect email addresses of prospective customers and mail them out without being labeled as a spammer. But you have no way out.

– If the search engine was not built we could have large websites providing data, well not like the search engine does. These could be portals dedicated to single or many topics with N – number of pages to go through. Sounds frustrating to navigate through links listed on pages to get one piece of information, doesn t it?

– One could always have their advertisements placed on the top rated sites. The traffic visiting these sites could be persuaded to become your clients. But this strategy does not promise a large coverage as search engine would.

– The millions of profitable businesses that exist around popular search engines today wouldn t have existed. Ecommerce businesses wouldn t have gained momentum as people wouldn t know of the existence of your products.

– Maybe we could continue to depend on the traditional marketing techniques for brand development and people could continue to endure the discomfort of not being provided with enough information.

– We could make a note of all the useful internet sites we come across and share it with our friends for reference, or we could rush to the library for every bit of information we require.

Ok..Snap out of the nightmare! We are in the new age with the wonder tool called “Search Engine” to change our wish to reality.

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