What Is Mobile Storage?}

What Is Mobile Storage?


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Mobile Storage is a new and innovative way instead of using traditional self storage. What happens is a mobile storage company (just do a search of the internet by keying in mobile storage company) and they will deliver a storage container directly to your location.

Once the container has been delivered you then load it up and lock the container once completely loaded. You then contact the company who delivered the container in the first place and they will arrange to have it collected and delivered to their secure, climate controlled warehouse for safekeeping.

However, if you need to have access to the container at any time then all you need do is visit the warehouse or arrange for the container to be delivered back to your location.

Many people who use self storage want the convenience and accessibility as well as a reasonable price for using the facilities. With this type of storage no longer does the customer have to rent a truck, pack it and drive it across town to a self storage facility and then have to unload the truck before returning it to the rental company. All a customer needs to do using mobile storage is make a call to the company they want to use and

arrange for one of their containers to be delivered directly to their location.

This type of mobile storage seems to becoming more popular with people who are looking for ways to store items that they no longer want at home and thus make more space. We live in a world today where more and more people like to live more ordered and less cluttered lives and using a mobile storage container can help us achieve this.

Although mobile storage containers come in a variety of sizes the most common one that seems to be used by the mobile storage industry is 5 ft x 8ft x 7ft model which has a door at the front. This seems the ideal size container as it gives people enough space to store a couch inside if they wish and they can be stacked 4 high in the warehouse. A container this size is big enough to hold the contents of 1 room of furniture of 50 boxes of files.

The cost of these containers depends on where you are located and the cost of a mobile storage container can range from between $50 to $85 per month to rent. Although these prices may seem a bit excessive many people opt for this type of storage as one of it biggest benefits is not having to load and unload everything as well as not having to pay truck rental charges as well.

So when you are thinking about having a clear out of your home and want to keep items but dont want to take up essential space in your house then think about giving mobile storage a go.

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