Oolong Tea: The Chinese Secret To Good Health &Amp; A Great Body

By Christopher Fisher

For hundreds of years in the Far East, Oolong tea has been respected for its healing qualities and slimming ability. Wonderful and unique, Oolong combines the full flavor and delicious taste of black tea, with some of the best health qualities of green tea.

Recently it has been cleverly marketed here in the states as an ‘Ancient Chinese Secret to Weight Loss’. Although this isn’t completely true, and many of the claims are exaggerated, Oolong is an important and healthy part of the Chinese diet. In fact, greasy dishes in China are often served with Oolong tea. This is because Oolong is known as an obesity fighter.

Oolong: A Natural Fat Burner?

Not only does Oolong stimulate the nervous system and give a nice boost to your metabolism, but it also contains a hefty dose of polyphenols that help dissolve excess triglyceride (a substance that is normally used as fuel for the body, but gets stored as fat when there’s too much of it).

This fat burning process is called ‘thermogenesis’ and it provides extra energy, sheds excess water, and, of course, helps to burn body fat.


Believe it or not, this slimming quality of Oolong tea is just the start of the fantastic health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the really exciting ones.

Oolong Fights Cancer & Diseases

?Free radicals are nasty toxins that are responsible for causing damage to the cells in your body. This cellular damage is responsible for diseases, the aging process, and even cancer. Oolong tea contains high amounts of potent antioxidants that help to fight these free radicals and keep your body in tip-top shape.

Oolong Promotes Healthy, Smooth Skin?

The same antioxidants that fight disease and cancer also protect the skin from spots and wrinkles. In fact, scientific studies have even proven that drinking Oolong can improve some skin conditions by over 50%.

Oolong Detoxifies the Body

?Oolong tea works as an anti-bacterial agent and helps to produce a clean alkaline environment in the body. This makes it hard for bacteria, fungus, and other toxic microbes to live there.

Oolong Stops Bad Breath While Promoting Healthy Teeth & Gums?

By killing bacteria in the stomach, Oolong prevents bad breath. A Japanese University study also found that regular drinking of Oolong tea actually strengthened teeth and helped to prevent tooth decay.

Oolong Boosts the Immune System?

A recent study found that a substance in Oolong tea called theanine may help the body’s immune system response when fighting infection. The study included a four-week trial with 11 coffee drinkers and 10 tea drinkers, who consumed 600ml of coffee or black tea daily. Blood sample analysis found that the production of anti-bacterial proteins was up to five times higher in the tea-drinkers, an indicator of a stronger immune response.

Oolong Enhances Focus and Mental Function

?Oolong contains several compounds that have stimulating effects on the nervous system. This means that it enhances alertness, focus, and improves brain function. It’s one of the few stimulants that is completely safe.

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