Common Windows Xp Error Messages You Can Avoid

Submitted by: Logan Albright

There are several kinds of error messages that we as computer users often see especially if we are using the Windows browser. Error messages like, Dll errors, RunDll errors or even program errors like Microsoft Excel errors and shut down errors. The question is, we do not buy computers to face all these errors right? If that is the case, then why are there so many problems associated with Windows, and how do we avoid them?

Dll Errors

Imagine this, one day you decide to open a program that you have not been using for a long while and as you click on its icon, you receive a shock. On the screen a message pops out saying: Error in starting program. xxx.DLL was not found. or Unable to find the file xxx.exe

Basically, a Dll error is just a missing system file or a system file that has become corrupted and that system file is needed to run your program is deleted or missing. Most Dll errors occur because of software uninstalls, thus the system would remove the Dll files without you knowing. The way to solve this problem is either to reinstall back the software or to use a registry cleaner that would first check the importance of your files before deleting them.


RunDll Errors

Most RunDll errors are caused by uncompleted uninstalls or corrupted installations of programs. As such there would be a RUnDll error when you try to run the file as Windows would not be able to locate the file when you try to load it. Besides, RunDll errors can also result from viruses and spyware or other malicious devices.

What to do then when you face such error messages or how do you avoid them? Firstly, you either download a good registry cleaner or anti-virus system to flush out all the unwanted malicious viruses that may have entered into your computer system unknowingly and also take out all the spyware contents from inside your computer. Alternatively, you can reinstall your corrupted softwares to minimize the risk of corruption in your computer and also solve the problem of RunDll errors.

Windows Shutdown Errors

Another type of error that we often see is windows shut down errors. Most people operating a Windows PC would have faced this problem sooner or later, trying to shut down their computers only to find it stall at the shut down procedure. Yet, this is one problem that is very seldom solved with haste as it does not really seem serious to most people. However the fact of the matter is that when your computer does not close properly, it normally is a sign that there is something very wrong in your registry and thus ignoring it will only make matters worse.

What you can do first is try to isolate the cause of the problem and deal with it as soon as possible. If there are external devices connected to your computer, try to disconnect them and see if there is any effect on the problem. If all else fails, there is simply no choice but to switch off your computer by switching off the main switch and try to find the problem using a registry cleaner the next time you operate your computer.

Error messages are something that we will have to learn to deal with in one way or another as they would most probably strike us sooner or later. However, always keep your computer regularly checked to minimize such problems from occurring.

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